• fill out the form below
  • take an online interview with HR
  • pass an online interview with the Head of Media Buying and the company director
salary rate + %
  • bonus of up to 50% of the budget used, and 20-30% of the budget used by buyers, depending on the source
  • rate from 5000 dollars, depending on the source
  • a powerful team, own tools and experience exchange
  • work with direct advertisers, exclusive offers and geo, being one of the first to promote
  • own development of mobile applications
  • fully remote work
  • we work with Ironsource, Unityads, Snapchat, Chartboost, and we also have a custom DSP.
  • experience in buying traffic to mobile applications across different verticals: Gambling, Betting
  • availability of cases in this area
  • work with a budget of 20.000$ per month
  • experience with IN-APP networks
  • work with creos, understanding of the principles of moderation
  • experience with trackers, event analytics, work with Blacklist
skills & qualificatoins
  • achievement of the established internal and client KPIs by the department, and fulfillment of the personal plan
  • scaling up existing relationships and searching for new ones
  • evaluating the quality of traffic and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • analyzing statistics on a daily basis and improving the performance of advertising campaigns
  • creating technical specifications for designers
  • generating reports on the results
Team Lead / Media Buyer (TikTok ADS)
MIDDLE Media Buyer (TikTok Ads)
Team Lead